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WIACNS Elections for 2018

Open offices for 2018 are Treasurer and President ElectBoth officer appointments would begin January 1, 2018.  Treasurer is for two years, President-Elect is for 1 year followed by 1 year as President and 1 year as Past President.

Here is a description of responsibilities for each office:

  • Serves for a term of 1 year
  • Elected annually
  • Fulfills the role of President as necessary
  • Coordinates education offerings at general meetings


  • Serves for a term of 2 years
  • Elected in odd years
  • Maintains financial records of the organization
  • Collects all fees and disburses funds
  • Manages tax exempt status, non-profit status, and tax filings
  • Maintains required insurance
  • Provides regular financial updates to the Steering Committee and at least an annual report to the general membership
  • Coordinates periodic audits as directed by the Steering Committee (recommended with each change in the office of Treasurer)
  • On completion of the term of office, will remain available for a period of 3 months to mentor the new treasurer

Note:  The time frame for accepting nominations to these offices is from October 20 thru November 30, 2017.

Please consider submitting your willingness to serve/nomination form to Amy Driscoll, Elections Chair, via e-mail:  Amy.Driscoll@aurora.org

For Willingness to Serve/Nomination Form, click here

For Election Process & Timeline Form, click here


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